The recommended habitat size for a betta fish are 5 gallons, with the absolute minimum proposed container sized 2.5 gallons.

Drinking Water

Another trusted reason to paid off lifespans are bad h2o top quality. Avoid the use of distilled drinking water as it has-been stripped on the essential nutrients and minerals that betta seafood need to be healthier.

Use tap water and make certain to make use of a (dechlorinator) liquid conditioner to make the liquid safe for a betta. It is possible to incorporate dependable quality spring season liquid or a filtration unit like a Brita for container refill ups and drinking water bicycling.


Modest tanks will even require more frequent cleanings due to their dimensions, it’s simple mathematics! A-1 gallon would require daily h2o changes while keeping a constant temperatures that is impossible to accomplish and contributes to continuous concerns.

Ammonia builds up since your betta excretes waste in to the water and also as uneaten food and living flowers break-down. Illnesses with this can damage their betta and quite often create death from poor liquid high quality. Maintain your betta fish’s tank neat and consider using a filter to cut back ammonia, nitrites, and nitrites.


As a final advice, betta fish become tropical seafood and call for a stable tepid to warm water temperature for the number of 76-81 qualifications Fahrenheit. If necessary, buying a little (example. 25 watt) heater with a built in thermostat for tanks 2.5 gallons and overhead. This helps maintain the tank’s h2o temperatures consistent.

Prevent abrupt temperature modifications and steer clear of colder temperature ranges no matter what. Extended time in temperatures colder than advised (around 68 degrees) can harmed a betta’s organic disease fighting capability and lead to inactivity, refusal for eating, and susceptibility to ailments and dying.

Betta Expertise and Existence Spans

If you already know the data above, subsequently good for you! Otherwise, you then’ve got some work to do and you ought to absolutely read all of our complete betta worry guidelines. Making use of correct facts and passion, you’ll truly anticipate your betta fish to call home for 2-3 age.

Some betta seafood are more tough as opposed to others though. When you can change certain harm from located in smaller servings and coming from an uncertain history, you might never understand complete facts of the care or breeding. Whether your betta seafood life a-year or two from the time of acquisition, you may have probably still come a great seafood mother or dad.

Should you feel anything try missing above, or has additional questions regarding how much time a betta seafood can reside for, or just how to improve their expected life, please put a review below.

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I’ve two Bettas and a divided 2.5 gallon tank. Could there be a way to incorporate a computerized Betta feeder where both seafood is generally given daily?

I’d suggest a more substantial tank when you yourself have two betta’s. Preferably, a 10 gallon separated container so each fish provides 5 gallons for each part. This might present more tank place to create 2 automated day-to-day feeders. I’m unclear how you would just use one as submission would feel inconsistent at the heart for the divider – dropping for each area.

You might file and sand the divider a fraction reduced for dishes to be able to pass thru although not the fish, as a final hotel also—it can’t become a sharp sides though so it might take some little planning.

I think my beta are dying. I imagined he had swim-bladder ailments initially. I’ve made most adjustment but there’s nothing operating. He or she is sleeping toward the base with the tank, fight to swim to the top for dishes. We increased their liquids temp to 80 levels, ceased feeding him fish pellets, today eating him peas. He’s thinner and dropping his colors. I have had your a couple of years, got him away from a centerpiece from a wedding. Tank was clean and filtered, springtime h2o only. Anything i could perform?