I clicked “watch ad to get chapter” for couple minutes, opening tens of ads but i still do not get my chapter because the ad was not a video. It not only frustrates me, it makes be question whether or not i am willing to go through the ads to support qidian and the translator. If i am stuck opening and closing ads so that qidian gets ad revenue, without getting what i should be getting after opening one ad, i might as well just wait a day or so to read it. If you are going to continue to put these types of ads up, atleast make it so that it is a guarentee that i can read the chapter after a certain amount of times i have to open/close an ad. If you like reading Chinese novels this is for you plain and simple. It is easy to use and the interface is great but they need to be more considerate to other apps and websites before «stealing» translated novels because they may own the copyright but not the translations.

  • Apparently I am able to push through pages of boring / meaningless magitech uplifting when I’m binging, but not when it’s the only thing on offer.
  • I had read about possible rooting approaches, and I really didn’t want to screw that deeply with the device, but these instructions were perfect, well-explained, and easy to follow, and now I have the Android I wanted.
  • India also banned 47 Chinese apps that were clones of 59 Chinese apps Web Video Cast apk banned in June.
  • They often read while waiting for things or doing other stuff, or will have a bunch of different stories they read as part of a habit.
  • However, several chapters are now locked and they may require as many as 12 spirit stones to unlock one chapter, which can be frustrating, especially if you are already into the story.
  • The officer adds that the government needs to continue its responses to China.
  • Copyright laws apply to original works of literature, music, drama, sound, and architecture.

The apps are said to have been siphoning off data from India to China. All of the apps are still available on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store, according to TechCrunch. It’s unclear at the moment how India actually plans to enforce the bans. The move will surely deepen tensions between the planet’s two most populated countries. Earlier this month, at least 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a border clash with Chinese troops. As is the case in many other nations, TikTok is a huge deal in India.

Is Hike Banned In India? Is Hike An Indian App? Lets Check Out The Details Here!

Plus, it offers all the essential features to adjust the novel-reading environment according to your liking. Now, download the app to discover the wuxiaworld. Popular World-wide Chinese Web Novel – ( Amazing Stories & Fictions ) Reading Online or Offline. Novel updates daily with fast translating speed and high quality. BookBuddy is a powerful book management application that gives you access to your entire book catalog, anywhere. Popular iOS Apps from Developer for iPhone, iPad, MacOS, Tablet that focus to find the best iOS App listings and ratings for your devices.

This app is wonderful, if you are looking for fully published works that have no mistakes whatsoever, don’t bother. If you interested in writing or reading works that are still in the making, this is the app for you. You purchase coins, which are used to unlock chapters within the book, a certain number of chapters are free. Authors do make money with this app, not by chapters, but by their overall word count for the month and it isn’t as much as a book deal. I am proud to say I have spent days on this app, reading, critiquing, and commenting. Authors want YOUR FEEDBACK. If you find a mistake, you can comment on the paragraph, a different set of eyes is sometimes the only way, and there isn’t a publisher for this.

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Overdrive is a rare reading app that collaborates with over 10.000 school libraries and 16.000 libraries across the US. Users borrow eBooks or audiobooks from their local library for an agreed time period; the book stays in the virtual library of the user until returning automatically on the specified date. You can use Bluefire to reread the books you already own or you can also directly purchase new books. You won’t find features that you’ve never experienced before but you will have everything you need to read decently.