The other user taps receive and scan a code to receive the files. It will ask for permission to access all your files and media. Allow access, and it will automatically arrange all your media into the categories mentioned earlier. You can also avail phone to phone transfer feature while using this software. You can also make transfer of your iTunes to your phone. More than that, this tool can be helpful if you want backup of your device with no loss on quality.

Transferring data to different operating systems like Android, Windows, iOS, Mac and PC as well. Please note that this method requires you to reset your iPhone in order to copy data. All you have to do is register and work on the submission of original content and reach out to millions of users every day. This can be a great opportunity for all those aspiring writers, so hurry now and register yourselves at the Writing articles or features can be one of the dreams for a lot of people. To achieve your dreams you need a platform and here at the we welcome all the writers as guest contributors.

Best Privacy Browser Apps For Android And Ios

To surprise you, it can even transfer data between four devices at the same time. However, it still isn’t detected to be thoroughly safe for your personal information. Samsung Data Transfer aims to help you transfer data between two Android devices . With it, you can transfer contacts, text messages, call logs, apps, pictures, music and videos without any loss safely. Moreover, the transfer process is easy to carry out by clicking once.

  • It is also a great tool to manage files on your devices with friendly design.
  • Below you can download a list of top and latest apps related to .
  • Additionally, you will be able to copy various data from the sender’s device with the CLONEit feature.
  • To start, you should either download BlueStacks or Andy to your PC by using the option available at the official site.

Xender is one of the most popular file sharing apps available on Android. It lets you share files in a breeze, which makes it an extremely useful app whether you’re a student or an office-going employee. I successfully installed xender on my laptop running windows 10 click here.

All In One Social Network & Social Media & New Social Browser App

Besides connection and transfer between Android devices, Xender also allows transfers between Android and iOS. With the new Connect PC mode, Xender transfers everything you need between your phone and your computer, be it PC, MAC or Chromebook. The Xender app is used by many people worldwide to share files such as videos, images, documents and more. First of all, the user needs to download and install an app like Xender on their phone. The user who needs to share the file is the sender and the one who consumes it is the receiver. While the sender press the send files option, the app starts searching for the nearby users.