Press Restore in Hi-Suite on PC, chose my Backup File , the Press restore, then a window will popup asking you to put password, enter techmagnetyoutub3 as Password and press OK. Please be very careful in doing this and don’t hold us responsible if anything should happen to your phone. Before you start, it is important you first read the steps below to the end so that you will get idea of all the process you have to follow before you start following the steps.

The difference between ultrasonic cleaning and megasonics cleaning lies in the frequency that is used to generate the acoustic waves. Ultrasonic cleaning uses lower frequencies; it produces random cavitation. Megasonics cleaning uses higher frequencies at 1000 kHz; it produces controlled cavitation. Google is certainly aware that a swathe of dangerous apps are slipping through its current protections and making their way onto user devices. Once again, these dangerous apps have since been removed from the Google Play Store. But it’s still worth scouring your phone to see if you have them installed.

How Does Advance Phone Cleaner Work?

In the past I’ve found many of those two-a-penny all-in-one “Cleaner” apps to be guilty of this. If you wish to do the apps/games erasing job on your iPhone and iPad permanently without any possibility of recovery, then, the 3 solutions above are all useless. That’s because all the data that you deleted by using iDevice, iTunes and Assistant for Android can still be recovered by data recovery tool like this Doctor for iOS. To remove apps and games from iPhone and iPad completely for good, you need to ask help from a professional iOS data erasing program like MobiKin Eraser for iOS (Windows/Mac). Go to file Manager Install APK 7, Check whether PlayStore is working.

  • To find a list of everything on your phone, open the Play Store app, tap the three-line menu button in the top right corner of the screen, tap My apps & games, then tap the Installed tab.
  • When you remove applications from your Mac, many useless, redundant files often remain on the system.
  • We believe FilesGo is one of the best cache cleaners since it doesn’t have in-app ads and offers an easy-to-use interface.
  • We’ve put together a roundup of ten best camera apps for iPhone that are available on the App Store.
  • Luckily, iOS 13 is available for a long list of iOS devices dating back to the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s.
  • Mega Clean cleansing drink is easy to use, and it’s good quality.

Smartphone has become a basic need in this 20th century. With around 80% of the world population surfing the internet through their phones, downloads are immensely increasing. When downloads in a smartphone exceed a certain limit, its performance is affected.

Installer Mega Phone Cleaner

The K6 converter isn’t strictly universal, because it is a threaded K5. In a compatible pen, it screws in to the back of the section Download Mega Phone Cleaner APK for Android for added security. Any time I’m investigating a pen and find it takes a K6 converter, it is a very pleasant surprise. This cleaning powerhouse combines a floor steam mop with a go-anywhere hand-held steamer for the ultimate in steam cleaning tool. It’s so important to keep the history of the home alive and proper floor care is absolutely a part of that, meaning no super harsh chemicals or homemade cleaners.