Fjellhoy said she relented because Hayut promised to pay her straight back, but funding their jet-set lifestyle had been costing her. In addition to cash he had been guaranteeing her was not to arrive.

«My angel My love i recently chatted to your bank and additionally they said that the [transfer] of Amex will likely to be here on Monday thousand per cent,» read one text Hayut sent her.

«the total amount which he has to be in a position to simply work for a is just so much,» Fjellhoy said week. «It is never ever just a couple of thousand, for us normal people who will be a lot of cash, but also for him it isn’t lots of money.»

She stated he informed her he needed considerable amounts of cash he needed to book flights and hotels for because he had «an entire team. Fjellhoy said she assumed, because of their flashy garments and life style, he’d cash and would spend her straight back.

«You did not also think because you were so sure that this guy and the people that you had met was part of the LLD Diamonds and that the money existed,» she said that it was a problem when you were taking up the loans. «as he stated, ‘Everything’s likely to be fine following this ‘ and then it didn’t week. So just ‘one more week’ and then ‘one more week.’ Therefore in the long run you very nearly you did not even understand just how money that is much really [owed].»

And finally, Fjelljoy said, she was at love with him.

«this is the most difficult element of it … whenever we understood which he was not [who] he said he had been,» she stated. «That anyone that we knew and liked, he previously simply done [something] within the many evil method. that I was thinking»

As soon as she discovered that the man she liked had taken the run and money was «such a surprise,» she stated.

«we very nearly wished to purge,» she stated. «It ended up being the first occasion within my life that ‘OK your daily life is ruined,’ every thing came crashing down around me. that I had gotten such a shock that my human body actually had been telling me»

Fjellhoy alleged that Hayut proceeded to operate the scheme that is same attract other women into their orbit until their June arrest.

«I’d to go into a medical center. Psychiatric ward. Due to suicidal ideas like I didn’t see a way out,» she said because I thought my life was over. «You’ve lost the man you’re dating but he did not simply dump you, he never ever existed, he had been never ever the man you’re dating.»

Fjellhoy filed a study because of the Metro Police in London, whom declined «Nightline’s» request comment. Israeli authorities additionally declined to comment because of this report.

Hayut told «Nightline» in might he had been innocent. In a text message, he said, «There is nothing here simply [a] loan between buddies that went south… she decided to loan me personally the income after which she disappeared… before we [were]able to pay for right back… they utilized me personally for my entire life they got costly gift suggestions and every thing, This means that silver diggers, once I ask assistance they decided to assist and so they understand that We have some issues i did son’t run from no body it really is all fake news and lies.»

For the time being, Fjellhoy stays in London and it is wanting to reconstruct her life. She told “Nightline” via text that the news headlines of Hayut’s arrest had been “really amazing” and that she believes the news attention had been a significant factor in resulting in their capture.

Fjellhoy said Hayut surrounded himself with individuals whom aided perpetuate the misconception, also going as far as to deliver photos of himself along with his bodyguard into the medical center when they had been allegedly «attacked.»

Based on Fjellhoy, it had been maybe not well before Hayut made a large ask, begging her to increase her credit line to him in order for any seats, accommodations and reddit dinners will be scheduled under her title along with his expected «enemies,» he called them, would be thrown off his trail as she said.

«One regarding the major causes why he required it absolutely was security… he required my title as an address, he stated,» Fjellhoy told «Nightline.» «I’m sure it seems crazy. [but] why would he have this giant man he didn’t require the security? with him if»