15+ Anime Characters That Happen To Be Upright Otaku’s & Weebs

Otaku’s and weebs are typical in anime . Hence’s no real surprise. They represents Japanese culture.

It’s never as usual as tropes like Tsundere because you don’t read Otaku’s in just about every anime of each season.

Unlike the nature dere’s associated with the markets.

  • Gamers
  • Otaku’s
  • Weebs
  • Anime enthusiasts
  • Figurine enthusiasts

These re the groups of figures you may expect on this page. And a great blend of each.

Let’s begin.

1. Kaho Hinata (Blend S)

Kaho Hinata is one of the main waitresses inside combination S collection.

Within anime , each waitress performs a role with regards to their subscribers. Therefore it’s not a normal cafe.

Kaho Hinata’s character is that of a Tsundere who takes on video games. She also helps their clientele if they are gamers.

In real life outside of the cafe though, Kaho are a legitimate gamer and Otaku. And she’s perhaps not embarrassed from it sometimes.

Her interest was genuine.

2. Junichirou Kagami (Denpa Kyoushi)

Junichirou Kagami is the biggest dynamics of Denpa Kyoushi. Or in English: The Best Otaku Teacher.

He’s an Otaku just who gets a teacher and ultimately ends up with a teaching style obtained from games.

The guy makes use of video games as records and metaphors to help make things and also to help his pupils link.

Away from training he’s an all out Otaku, obtaining anime figurines and getting thrilled over everything associated with they.

He’s the master of a popular writings online as well.

3. Kirino Kousaka (My small brother can not stay This pretty )

Kirino try a dresser Otaku, hiding this lady passion and hobby from the lady moms and dads and elderly bro.

Fundamentally though she happens the wardrobe and starts herself doing her bro about their huge range.

An accumulation figurines, anime DVD ‘S, merch and add-ons in her own space… easily concealed and saved out of sight.

She’s the anime ‘s primary characters.

4. Tomoya Aki (How To Boost A Dull Girl)

Tomoya Aki will be the biggest men protagonist of this collection. It’s a harem and a Ecchi/slice of lifestyle show.

His goal will be establish an online dating sim video game, by using various other Otaku’s, writers alongside creatives.

Of the many figures in Saekano: how exactly to Raise a terrifically boring Girlfriend, Tomoya is probably the most open about their activity.

He’s not merely one to cover up it but he’s perhaps not very dramatic about it both.

5. Karen Tendou (Gamers)

Karen Tendou was a genuine player and lover from a series centered on every thing video games.

Among the primary characters of program, she’s the initial female the thing is that who’s into video games significantly more than it seems.

She loves to bring video games in a group but may however see playing game titles by by herself outside of socializing.

6. Konata Izumi (Happy Superstar)

Konata Izumi are a shameless Otaku who won’t allow any individual or such a thing stand in ways of the girl passion.

She’s a relaxed character would youn’t worry about extreme, and is wise despite exactly how idle she’s about training.

Konata wants to cosplay as the lady favored characters, journey to anime conventions, perform games and anything connected with just what Otaku’s is into.

7. Kazuto Kirigaya ( Sword Artwork Online )

Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito) does not require the majority of an intro. He’s as well well-known.

No matter, the fact that he had been able to attain really inside the VR realm of video gaming… informs you a large amount about their commitment and character as an Otaku.

He’s the kind exactly who wants to feel challenged and always wants to do the games to the next level.

He’s one of the biggest and a lot of fanatical gamers from inside the anime field.

8. Ako Tamaki (and you also thought there is never a female on-line?)

Ako Tamaki is just one of the biggest figures, and eventually ends up being the shock since Hideki, another MC, based be prepared to select girl players on the internet.

Ako is one of the feminine gamers and Otaku’s regarding the show.

Around the online game they perform, Ako are Hideki’s spouse. And this sort of goes inside real life whenever they start getting to learn one another a lot more.

9. Demon Lord Diablo (Just How Never To Summon A Demon Lord)

Diablo as he’s called in the anime collection, ended up being a routine Otaku in the real life. It is transported into the field of his best online game given that demon lord Diablo.

This Isekai are Ecchi at the best. Lover provider galore, tiddies, cliches, as well as – a harem to peak it off.

Surprisingly the anime is entertaining, but Diablo is undoubtedly an Otaku.

10. Subaru dating sites in San Jose Natsuki (Re:Zero)

Subaru Natsuki try an authentic Otaku who knows exactly about games, RPG, and also the dream design of games.

You can view this when he’s first moved into another globe, and how his notice begins run wild with options of what’s in the future.

In the wide world of Re:Zero though, the guy comes to understand it’s an Otaku’s worst horror. Since it turns out to be genuine, as do the pain sensation and problem stage that is included with they.

11. Sophie Twilight (Ms. vampire which stays in my area)

Sophie Twilight is actually a vampire just who lives by herself, and is over 300+ yrs old.

After being lively for way too long it is just normal gossip starting dispersing, hence’s exactly how Akira, another MC becomes Sophie’s pal. And resides in the girl mansion.

Above someone else into the collection. Sophie are a serious Otaku exactly who really loves anime and will binge check out anime a whole lot.

She picks to purchase bloodstream packages online general to drink, in the place of serving down humans.

12. Dino (Combination S)

Dino, as known as the manager in mixture S is amongst the anime ‘s funniest figures.

He’s an Italian people who are able to feel shameful, but sometimes have their cardio and motives into the right place.

He’s not the kind of Otaku who’s shameless and will also get so far as hidden every one of their “Otaku” collection when inviting friends to their house.